Annual Conference 2017

We are eager to announce the 2017 Annual Meeting for SPUC. This year’s meeting will be hosted by Seattle Children’s Hospital, October 6-8.  The meeting opens with a Precourse Leadership Summit held at Silver Cloud Hotel on Thursday, October 5th.  Seattle Children’s Hospital is hosting the meetings and workshops as well as providing an opportunity to tour the Bellevue Urgent Care site during the SPUC conference.

The keynote speaker for the leadership summit is Dr. Jeff Schor, founder of PM Pediatrics, Co-Chair of the AAP Subcommittee on Pediatric Urgent Care and past member of the SPUC Board. Two interactive sessions will follow his address. The first session will address staffing in the urgent care setting with a focus on cost, recruitment, qualifications and balance. The second session involves a panel of fellowship directors from PM Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital of Atlanta, Seattle Children’s Hospital and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for an in-depth look at fellowships for Physicians, APRNs, and Physician Assistants.

Dr. Srikant Iyer will open our general session on October 6 as the keynote speaker with a look at the current economic, political and medical assessment of the environment of urgent care medicine. Clinical topics and workshops will be the primary focus this year as we have tried to incorporate feedback from the past two conferences as well as thoughts from the membership at large. Our focus is to provide lectures and workshops containing applicable knowledge and skills to use in our day to day practice. Highlights include “Toxicology in the News,” a workshop about how to implement research and quality initiatives to fulfill MOC requirements and work life balance.

Posters will be presented as podium sessions and there will be ample social time for networking and seeing beautiful Seattle. The program registration, and lodging information will be available on our website and in the Mobile Meeting Guide.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Seattle this fall for another enthusiastic and educational SPUC conference.


Tiffany Addington, MD  
Program Co-Chair  

Usha Sankrithi, MB, BS, MPH 
Program Co-Chair                 




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