Welcome to the Summer Edition of the SPUC Newsletter!

By Peg Orcutt-Tuddenham

Dr. TuddenhamMidsummer: scrapes, lacerations, sprains and fractures instead of fevers and gastro dominate our days. Not that some of both aren’t there all year long. It was always a pretty different day/evening in August than in January. While I am a cold weather girl, I enjoyed summer urgent care a bit more. Maybe because having fun generally preceded the injury and hopefully we were helping our patients return to having fun! Maybe it was just easier getting to work without the ice and snow.

Speaking of fun, I enjoyed meeting so many members at the PUCC meeting In New York City last month. The educational content was excellent.  Attendance was remarkably strong especially considering the reschedule and relocation due to the Zika (very real) threat. The NYC meeting certainly whetted my appetite for Atlanta…more later in the letter!

The Board of Trustees met on Wednesday, the 1st of June in one of the PUCC spaces. We discussed a range of topics including membership and finances, committee composition and roles, accreditation and the creation of a task force, the website and member benefits, the Atlanta meeting, and finally the future structure of the Board and officers now that we have reached the 200 member mark. Official minutes once approved will be available on the website in the members only section

This issue of the newsletter has two new sections that will be recurrent features: SPUC Spotlight and PA Corner. The inaugural SPUC Spotlight is on one of our member PUCs, Virginia’s Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters. In PA Corner, Marissa Rodriguez, PA-C of PM Pediatric starts off with a wonderful introduction to PAs and their role in the pediatric urgent care.

In future editions we will spotlight any member groups that take the time to submit a description and photos. The spotlighted facility will also be highlighted on the website.

I have included a small reminder to participate in the OUCH survey. Click here to participate.

Dr. Mike Moran of Kansas City Mercy has included a description of the Atlanta meeting in this newsletter…this meeting will rock!  Children’s Hospital of Atlanta has made SPUC incredibly welcome and has/is supporting the meeting with a large financial grant as well as guaranteeing registrations from their group. Children’s Mercy Hospital is also supporting the meeting with a large financial grant. We are actively seeking commercial exhibitors to round out the experience.  If you haven’t registered and secured a room in our room block, please do so soon!

Growth is key to our survival, we have started several initiatives to generate a steady increase in membership. Our mission is to improve care for our patients in the PUC setting. One way to accomplish that is sharing knowledge and experience. It is professionally rewarding, often affirmative, and usually very enjoyable. We believe bringing attention to our group will help achieve that goal. SPUC has created an Advocacy Committee. Dr Sheryl Cohen (scohen@pmpediatrics.com) has agreed to chair this committee. Anyone interested in being part of the committee should contact her.

Ms. Dana Whalen, a very dear friend of mine, has agreed to be our media consultant. Dana recently retired from a long career as a broadcast journalist and understands the media as none of us can. We have already discussed a National Pediatric Urgent Care Day…why not?...anybody out there with good contacts to their legislators or governor’s office?  Let me know!

Looking forward to Atlanta…hope you enjoy this edition of the newsletter!

Golden Teddy winnerKudos for Seattle Children’s Urgent Care

Parent Map, a Puget Sound publication for the Seattle metropolitan area, has awarded the Golden Teddy Bear to Seattle Children’s Urgent Care. The publication cited “Stupendous Care” raves from reviewers as well as the posting of on line wait times and appointment free access as factors in the selection.

Congratulations Seattle Children’s Urgent Care!

We want to hear from you…

If your Pediatric Urgent Care facility has received an award or you would to feature your PUC or an outstanding colleague, let us know. Please send ideas and suggestions for an upcoming SPUC Spotlight or feature to:  carolyn@urgentcarepeds.org

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